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released March 16, 2014



all rights reserved


FILMSTRIPS San Antonio, Texas

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never knew nothing
always knew something
whats the matter with the world
bank it on forever
somebodies torn your letter
you never know what it said

clocks ticking backwards
sands falling down through
the patches are crossed too
signals a mess of you
there's panic as always
the pieces in place
the racket is constant
alone in your space

always in motion
never take potion
it will take you there and back
take it for the weather
so inconsistent since you fed her
there is nothing but now

frequently believe
diagram within
physical ourselves
oxygen effect
formula defense
negative event
frequency allowed
positive appear
baby my moon my space my stars
you gotta get that for me
right from the night
its all right its all right its all right
i just cant wait forever
because darling time is fast and i want now
more so than ever
and without you without you
the earth is poor and you're my treasure

c'mon c'mon c'mon were not getting any younger
no i no i no i don't want to wait my number
i want a life that gets better all the time
something i call mine
i want to drink to us and everything
and lights that shine
my love it hurts my love it hurts my love
but i love that its mine

winters coming and i know it will be a cold one
we'll need each other to stave off the bad things
and each other
oh if i could make the riches of the world appear
they would not compare to your beauty
i would trade them in for just a second more with you
i've been thinking
blinking lights
rest of troubled
always been i
dramas common
cost you lots
sort out allowed
second shot

going to work now
rent a new life rent a new life
don't give up yet
i've lost it twice i've lost it twice
going to work now
this just isn't right this just isn't right
don't give up yet
stay in the fight stay in the fight

falling failing
changing me
magic, maybe
i could not see
passed out tired
wake up be
so then loaded
rent a new life for me
your decisions decided for you
how can you see what was
so many to protest your marching
never why but because
broken windows students looting
the mattress on fire
the eagles are nesting
in night vision goggles
just because you are looking
you did not see anything
and if you tell anybody
no one will believe a thing

no answers for your questions
no reasons to obtain
no way for certain baby
no fight to sustain
and in the early morning
sunlight filled my eyes
music was ringing softly
i was so surprised

your vision is lacking
your song is your head
your panic is laughing
at you and your friends
bring us some storm clouds
bring us the feds
hysterias the new fad
it just came in
remember running up that hill
and that rabbit that you killed
we were mad but loved you still
i was glad that you were filled
nothing lasts i heard her say
we were traveling all day
a simple twist that fell away

you pay for love and oh the cost
it will take all of you and all that you lost
oh why cant you see the need to just be
all the past was the futures early

nows the only time at all
where were you when the axe did fall
were there people to hear you call
have you ever felt time stall
angry people buzzing round
never satisfied with this town
but no they're not leaving soon
the earth revolves around the moon
always first to say whats wrong
always last to be turned on
always next to play the part
Track Name: MARIANAS
you know this
you've been there
you're stuck with your long hair
nothing means rainy roads
and titles bent down to fold
and archers missed marks
and instead create sparks
bombs and tulips
broken bottles
you're a model
for them all and
making drinks and saving things
you're often strong enough for me
but the lights i find are fading
desolate darkness
extreme pressure
deep underwater
i feel too deep to breathe
the opposite of deep space
i've been too keen to see your secrets taped
what will i find here in this sub
i created a monster
the first to search this first
and if all comes to worst
i can know that i tried to cross and lost
you were up there on the big screen
singing just for me
a list of this
a fist thats clinched to no one
the great debate
no ones leaving in the right away

i've gone in giant circles
i've got lost in deep whirlpools
oh yeah this place is so cool
a modern day miracle

what did they tell
did they tell to you
to make you feel the way you do
why'd the hell you yell like bells
to sound alarms to no one cares

its automatic
reflections twirling
self aggression
no worth to no one
its the weather thats burning
your life's story turning
to a rerun
a satire
a plot going nowhere
full speed ahead

by the way
theres no way
you are glowing
todays the day
in the past you were last
no hope was contagious
i'm down on nothing in the blue
they were asking just for you
i was lost without your love
we were left out in the sun
scientists discovered you're not
what you think you spent a life to
convince your shrink the mildews set
in the a/c vent

the mayors tapped you
you've been chosen to be
read the worst thing i could think of
opened up the truth and bled
there were spotlights seeking out me
and all the stupid things i said

unseen sights the law was written
don't be trying to change it up
we've got matches and strong latches
make you see the timings ours
half the time i ran from lightning
half the time i came to stand
there were owls inside my vision
stalking over the nights eye

who do you think you work for
what will make you walk over waters so cold
you never lost to find
who do you think will make you satisfied
whats that sound look like to you
and when thats down you go balloons
awfully soon to be high noon
sleeping still underneath the moon
and the flowers sing on top their bloom
buildings ring a broken fuse
radios dance your favorite tune
the stomping things outside your room

stories come and stories go
the end of it all the start of a show
the curtains torn and the poet fell
the crowd was hushed they could not tell
it's gotten cold outside was mean
it ripped apart my insides clean
a drink to warm us decide the night
a sudden shot to set us right
Track Name: AWAY I GO
oh you said you were not learning
so what did it matter now anyways
now all the bugs came crawling
and you came and met them halfway
shut the door in silence
for we must not try to wake
because everybody here is sleeping
and in the night we shall wait

half the stars were downcast
and the satellites glitched and they moaned
out in space its the coldest
christmas i ever known
this streets covered with snow
the buildings seem to glow
nothing will ever be the same
scary stories kept me awake

the city's like a jungle
the cars out to eat us
the sewer is an ocean
the python was a city bus
and the ants were working
and it cost them their time
the clock never stopped ticking
so they formed long and crooked lines
his web caught the subjects
and the king drowned in red wine
and everyone was watching
whose turn it was
deep in sleep you said to me
with eyes that flash alone in the diamond sea
oh nothings real
nothings real
nothings real
nothing you see
its all a show you're now on TV
everybody's tuned in watching
this moment means the world to you
and when it's over you feel worse than before
the anniversary is coming up
there will be a cake for us
and people will congratulate
that we could stand each other for this long

why wont you tell
why wont you tell
why wont you tell
why wont you tell us
your favorite show is
entertainments not the same
everyone needs it in their brain
and if you don't get it fast enough
they might just go insane
oh blanket fears and pillow tears
and mattresses
everything we think
oh the happy nights and ruined ones
the moments you forget who you are

almost forgot its not what i need but what i got
almost forgot its not what i need but what i got
never say it that way it cuts me just
balancing everything on towers you can trust
tsurt nac uoy srewot no gnihtyreve gnicnalab
tsuj em stuc ti yaw taht ti yas reven
tog i tahw tub deen i tahw ton sti togrof tsomla
tog i tahw tub deen i tahw ton sti togrof tsomla

era uoy ohw tegrof uoy stnemom eht
seno deniur dna sthgin yppah eht ho
kniht ew gnihtyreve sesserttam dna
sraet wollip dna sraef teknalb ho
enasni og tsuj thgim yeht
hguone tsaf ti teg t'nod uoy fi dna
niarb rieht ni ti sdeen enoyreve
emas eht ton stnemniatretne si wohs etirovaf ruoy
llet uoy tnow yhw llet uoy tnow yhw
llet uoy tnow yhw llet uoy tnow yhw

gnol siht rof rehto hcae dnats dluoc ew taht
etalutargnoc lliw elpoep dna
su rof ekac a eb lliw ereht
pu gnimoc si yrasrevinna ehe
erofeb naht esrow leel uoy revo s'ti nehw dna
yoy ot dlrow eht snaem tnemom siht
gnihctaw ni denut s'ydobyreve
VT no won er'uoy wohs a lla sti
ees uoy gnihton laer sgnihton
gnihton laer sgnihton laer sgnihton ho
aes dnomaid eht ni enola hsalf taht seye htiw
em ot dias uoy peep ni peed

Balancing everything on tours you can trust